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Jean Claude Guédon

Jean Claude Guédon
Titre de la conférence : Pour une mondialisation saine des sciences : les rôles du libre accès ?



In 1960-61, he was an American Field Service exchange student in Kenmore East Senior High School in Tonawanda, New York (US).He went on to study chemistry at Clarkson University in Potsdam, New York and earned a Ph.D. in history of science at the University of Wisconsin, Madison in 1974.

Teaching positions

  • Lecturer, Natural Science Division, Glendon College, York University (Toronto) 1970-3.
  • Lecturer, Institut d'histoire et de sociopolitique des sciences (IHSPS), Université de Montréal,1973-4.
  •  Assistant prof., IHSPS, U. de Montréal, 1974-9.
  •  Associate prof., IHSPS, U. de Montréal, 1979-85.
  •  Full prof., IHSPS, U. de Montréal, 1985-7.
  •  Full prof., Dépt. de Littérature comparée, U. de Montréal, 1987-present.
  •  Visiting Professor, Johns Hopkins University, Dept. of History of Science, Winter 1975
  •  Visiting Professor, Université Louis-Pasteur, Bureau d'économie théorique et appliquée,
  • Strasbourg, France, Spring 1985.
  •  Professeur invité à l'Université Lumière (Lyon-2), Winter 2003.
  •  Visiting professor, U. de São Paulo, Summer 2008.
  •  Scholar in residence, IVIR, U. of Amsterdam, Winter 2010
  •  Scholar in residence, Nexa Centre for Internet and Society, Politecnico di Torino, Winter 2011.
  •  He have directed17 Ph. D. theses and 22 master theses in my teaching years.


  •  Prix international Charles-Hélou de la francophonie, 1996. (International Charles-Hélou Prize for French-speaking countries, 1996).
  •  Named "Leiter Lecturer", U.S. National Library of Medicine and Medical Library Association,May 1998.
  •  Prize for Outstanding Achievement, Computing in the Arts and Humanities, Consortium for Computers in the Humanities, 2005.
  •  2006-9 Elected Vice-President (research dissemination) of the Canadian Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences.
  •  2011 Named Trustee of the Nexa -Internet and Society Centre (Politecnico of Turin).


Over one hundred refereed publications plus three books :

  • La planète cyber - Internet et cyberespace (Paris, Gallimard-Découvertes, 1996). This book which sold over 120,000 copies has been translated into Italian (Viaggio nel ciberspazio (Universale Electa/Gallimard, 1996)) and a second edition was published in 2000 under the title: Internet - Le monde en réseau.
  • In Oldenburg's Long Shadow: Librarians, Research Scientist, Publishers, and the Control of Scientific Publishing (Washington, D.C., A.R.L., 2001).
  • Traduction italienne : Per la pubblicità del sapere. I bibliotecari, i ricercatori, gli editori e il controllo dell'editoria scientifica (Pisa, Pisa University Press, 2005). Various other translations (French, Catalan) are on-line.
  • Open Access. Contro gli Oligopoli nel Sapere (Pisa, It., Edizioni ETS, 2009).
  • Traduction italienne de Francesca Di Donato (Translated into Portuguese (in print) and Arabic (on-line))

Conferences and colloquia.
Since 1995, over 300 conferences delivered on all continents (Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Vietnam, Korea, Japan, China, Ivory Coast, Benin, Lebanon, Haiti, various European countries, USA and Canada). Various achievements.

  •  Founder and director of Surfaces, the first Canadian scholarly electronic journal (began publication in 1991). It was published for 10 years.
  •  Co-chair of the program committee for the annual meeting of the Internet Society (ISOC) in 1996 (Montréal), 1998 (Geneva) and 2000 (Yokohama). This conference is made up of 7 to 8 tracks and attracts between 1,500 and 2,500 people.
  •  Program Chair for the Initiatives francophones, AUPELF-UREF (Hanoï, novembre 1997).
  •  Advisor to the Ministry of Culture and Communication of Québec for the Conférence des Ministres francophones chargés des inforoutes (Montreal, May 1997).
  •  Consultant for the Secrétariat des autoroutes de l'information du Québec (1997-8).
  •  Co-President (with Ian Lancashire) of COSH-COCH (1997-9).
  •  Consultant for the Office of the Commissioner of official languages (Ottawa, 1999).
  •  Consultant for the digital library project of the Rhône-Alpes region in France (1999).
  •  Member of the steering committee for the Canadian National Site licence Project (CNSLP) and Chair of the Advisory Board of experts for the same project. This project federates 64 research libraries with a total budget of 50 million $ CDN (1998-2002).
  •  Member of the Information Sub-Board of the Open Society Institute from 2002 until 2006.
  •  Member of the Board (Electronic Information for Libraries) from 2003 until 2007.
  •  One of the original 16 signatories of the Budapest Open Access In initiative, February 2002.
  •  Regularly invited as expert by the European Commission, the FNBRS (Belgium), Agence Nationale de la Recherche (France), Social science and Humanities Research Council (Canada).


Laurent Romary

Laurent Romary
Titre de la conférence : Inria, la logique d’une politique volontariste d’accès ouvert à l’information scientifique / Explaining the logic of a strong open access policy at Inria


Laurent Romary is Directeur de Recherche INRIA, France and guest scientist at Humboldt,University in Berlin, Germany. Beyond his research activities in data modelling for the humanities, he has been responsible of defining and implementing the scientific information and open access policy of major research institutions in Europe, namely CNRS, Max Planck Society and Inria.

Among his achievements he has contributed to the wide deployment of the French national publication archive HAL in 2005-2006, he negotiated the full open access agreement between Springer and the MPS in 2008 and shaped the open access Policy of Inria with a full publication deposit mandate.

Through his experience in various EU projects such as PEER (large scale green open access deposit) or Cendari (networking of archives for digital scholarship), but also more largely as director of the European DARIAH eInfrastructures in the humanities he has developed a general vision of open access as part of a wider comprehensive scientific information strategy of research and higher education institutions.

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