ICOA 2014 > Themes

  • Open Access Theories: the theoretical foundations of the OA movement and the reasons for its success or failure;

  • Requirements of digital scholarly communication: the transition from traditional to digital scholarly communication and the role of ICTs and networks to enhance the development of OA;

  • Economic Approaches of OA: the limits of the traditional economic model of scientific communication and the emergence of new business models related to OA and the development of digital output and digitisation;

  • Open Access Policies :  the establishment of institutional, national or international policies for access to STI;

  • Implementing Open Access at universities: achievement and evaluation of OA resources such as open archives (disciplinary and institutional repositories), Open Access Journals (OAJ), scholarly social networks…);

  • Open Access and utilization of scientific research: State of the art and emerging new practices for researchers; 

  • Open Access to STI and Libraries: role of the libraries and the librarians in the establishment, management of OA services and the promotion of OA.

  • Open Access, copyright and emerging forms of scholarship: aspects related to traditional and new forms of copyright, including Creative Commons, and new forms of scholarship.

  • Scholarly communication and ethics: aspects relating to the quality and integrity of scholarship.


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